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  1. Lichess Sold okgo The moment I read the headline I remembered April fools. Thanks lichess!
  2. This is what you get when sol […] izzat Black is already winning and has many moves ,but here has a move that […]
  3. Lichess Sold chesssky2 I fell for it really bad I thought that my chess practice for tourname […]
  4. Lichess Sold Dionysus_god I think you sort of dampened the impact by putting "april fools" so cl […]
  5. Lichess Sold Gammafunction I fell for this :(
  6. Lichess Sold Dragon-Lord those 752.000 sound even more awesome :)
  7. Lichess Sold rise_UIED Man, this so-called 'Cubit' system sounds awesome!
  8. Lichess Sold Dragon-Lord Just recieved this message […]
  9. probema con las piezxas ver video thibault I think I got it. I'll update the site tonight.
  10. Can you guys please upload vid […] AdityaPrakash5000 Thanks JoelH. I guess they will be useful.
  11. Want to help Lichess? / хотите […] Cynosure Bump to frontpage
  12. probema con las piezxas ver video BluesOn we trust in you thibault!
  13. probema con las piezxas ver video thibault I'm on this bug. I've been on it for a long time, the bitch is resista […]
  14. Check Sound DVRazor I'm reviving the topic. 'Check' sound would be much help in bullet.
  15. How to access the chat on lich […] inkspot Me to...they need to change that.
  16. How to access the chat on lich […] DVRazor Yeah, I would like to see the chat by default.
  17. How to access the chat on lich […] inkspot To access the chat while watching lichess tv simply select the highest […]
  18. 2 Cents ? is that the monetary […] thibault This is like estimating the price of a car by the number of kilometers it ran.
  19. 2 Cents ? is that the monetary […] inkspot 2 cents per game played seems pretty high I'd guess more like .01 cen […]
  20. 2 Cents ? is that the monetary […] static_shadow So when someone ruins my experience, now I don't have to give them my […]
Več » Zadnja posodobitev is sold to ChessCube (Pty) Ltd

ChessCube (Pty) Ltd buys for $752,000; Thibault retires to Bahamas

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Lichess keeps on improving. Can you keep up with the pace?

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