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Daily Classical 2h 64
Hourly SuperBlitz 50m 40
Hourly Bullet 25m 1
Padevsky  0+1 Rated 25m 6
Gurvich  2+0 Anti Rated 40m 2
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  1. Bye Bye Greece chunkymonkey I want my LP's, unscratched, I want our dog too but you can keep the house.
  2. A comedy of errors JPTriton I don't even know what to think of t […]
  3. Chess memes edgroth I think #2 is sexist. "ha ha women can't play chess." Except they can.
  4. 3check chess and my future with it sakram Yup. We come across all those problems. Not a single learning resource […]
  5. Chess memes Usolando i didn't notice the girl at first in the second meme :P
  6. Chess memes Sollerman Please post your chess memes or other chess relates pictures here, for […]
  7. 3check chess and my future with it vasfed12 This is part of the reason I enjoyed discovering 3+ chess. There was n […]
  8. Feature request: relative rating filter Cynosure Use the sliding bars, and just update them when you need to.
  9. Feature request: relative rating filter vulpes514 Currently we can filter only by absolute value of rating. My request i […]
  10. 3check chess and my future with it Toadofsky I searched Google and didn't find any learning resources for 3+ other […]
  11. 3check chess and my future with it sakram Theory unlikely in atomic is not super important in 3+. It's more abou […]
  12. Running With Rifles game PusiteGA Anyone have steam running with rifles game willing to share so i can d […]
  13. 3check chess and my future with it Usolando I think in 3+ one can't play positionally, brute force calculation is […]
  14. Three check stockfish ! Toadofsky #1 #3 I've tweaked the engine a hundred times; it frequently plays 1.. […]
  15. Three check stockfish ! sakram 1. Razor, I think TheMusicDan, developer of the engine fixed that alre […]
  16. 3check chess and my future with it sakram Hey. Will be short. I will try to make 3+ chess more popular. Maybe […]
  17. Engine vs lots of analysys sakram @tiger2war I guess not. We could try making some real time (3 hours t […]
  18. Accidental Castling MadHatMan A bit tricky from a programming perspective. If I were designing a […]
  19. Accidental Castling AHundredPuzzlesADay Hi, I wanted to share just a small issue I had today. Apparently t […]
  20. Search for a correspondence game Dr_King_Schultz It's on the homepage, above Lichess TV.
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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Lichess is growing strong and fast. Read about how we make your chess life better.

Chess Marathon #1

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